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The tool we sell is known for its durability and resistance. Our tool can be used both with the equipment itself and its components. We constantly replenish our assortment with new products in milling, replaceable multi-faceted inserts that meet the requirements of modern metal cutting. We offer you the following types of mills:

  • Face mills. The range includes tools for shoulder milling and slot milling (κr 90 °) and surface milling (κr 45 ° and 75 °). You can find options for high performance general milling. Mills for heavy roughing (κr 60 ° and 90 °). Here we offer face mills with diameters from Ø 40 mm to Ø 315 mm, depending on the type and size of the replaceable cutting inserts pdf (5.7 mb)

  • End mills. Mills with a cylindrical shank, Weldon or Morse represent the end tool group. But even among the end mills, you will find tools for shoulder and slot milling (κr 90 °) and face milling (κr 45 °). End mills are available in a diameter range of 16-40 mm. pdf (3.4 mb)

  • Copy mills. Tool with replaceable cutting inserts with round cutting edges. These are either round insert solutions (replaceable inserts for toroidal or ball end cutters) or solutions with large radius rounded edges (high feed cutters (HFC)) and ADMX 11 and ADMX 16 with increased nose radius. The range of copy milling cutters includes shank cutters, cylindrical shank cutters, Weldon shank cutters, and modular threaded cutters. pdf (3.5 mb)

  • Face-cylindrical cutters. Includes a tool for milling deep shoulders and grooves. Cylindrical cutters are designed for medium to high productivity machine tools. Chamfer cutters are a novelty in this range. Adjustable tool angles are suitable for the most common weld chamfers. There are also cylindrical cutters with brazed inserts for finishing operations. pdf (2.0 mb)

  • Disc cutters. It is one of the most productive tools in the milling group. The innovative range of disc milling cutters is based on tangentially mounted indexable cutting inserts. That is why we can offer a high performance and reliable solution with a wide range of machining (adjustable cutters) and cutters for thin holders (fixed cutter widths). pdf (1.8 mb)

  • Solid end mills. A wide range of solid end mills cover all material handling areas. It includes tools for all types of milling operations: from roughing to finishing, as well as universal milling cutters. The most widely used cutters are available in various lengths. pdf (7.2 mb)

  • There is a wide range of hard glide inserts for milling cutters pdf (5.5 mb). Most of the indexable inserts are PVD coated (7xxx range for complex milling, 8xxx range for general milling) or MTCVD (2xxx and 5xxx grades).We also offer cutters and CBN and PCD inserts. pdf (2.1 mb)

  • Full catalog pdf (14.5 mb) Milling cutters with replaceable polyhedral carbide insert.