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Axial tools include drills pdf (2.9 mb) and modular boring systems pdf (3.0 mb). We would like to offer you our range of products:

  • Drills with replaceable cutting inserts. The range of indexable drills includes a wide range of tool diameters for machining holes from 2D to 5D depth. The drills can be used as a rotating or stationary tool. The drills have one cutting edge and can also work off-axis. The size of the machined hole can be adjusted from -0.2 to +0.5 mm when machining with offset. The drills perform well even under unstable conditions and interrupted cuts.

  • Solid carbide drills. The standard assortment of solid drills covers all major drilling areas. In addition to conventional tools, there are step drills for machining holes for threads, which drill a hole and machine a chamfer. A range of chamfer drills with different angles for chamfering are also available.

  • Boring tools are modular boring systems PINZBOHR are represented in 3 types of boring heads, barrels for them and various accessories. In general, PINZBOHR systems allow boring holes from 6 mm to 500 mm in diameter.