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  • Ion exchanger (in bags of 25 liters) — is a granular substance used to change the electrical conductive properties of the working fluid of the machine (water). Used in wire EDM machines.

  • Kieselgur — is a powdery substance used in wire EDM machines to facilitate the process of filtering the working fluid (water) by binding the slags into a pasty mass. Prevents slag from settling on the walls of the filter tank (tank with filters).

  • Anticorrosive additive (5L can) — is a liquid used as an additive to the working fluid in EDM machines to prevent the appearance of rust on the machined surfaces of metal parts and, especially, in places of erosional destruction of the metal layer under the high power current pulses.

  • Guide grease is used to lubricate rolling and sliding guideways and to protect them from rust.